Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Bug Sweep Services and Debugging Services offered by our TSCM experts can detect electronic eavesdropping devices such as hidden cameras, spy bugs, GPS Trackers, wireless UHF microphones, wiretapping, microphone transmitters, GSM bug, cellphone Spy software, telephone wiretap, phone line tap and many other electronic bugging devices .

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures .com is the nationwide leader providing expert technical and analytical

Counterintelligence capability for the detection of all types of electronic bugs. Our Private Investigation Agency has expert Investigators and affiliate detectives worldwide who can help with Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Home Bug Sweeps, Wiretap Detection, Counter Surveillance Equipment, RF Bug detectors, Surveillance Technology, Corporate espionage, PC / Computer Spyware Security, Telecommunications / Communications Security (COMSEC), Cellularphone Spy Phone Software, Cellphone Interception, Counter-Intelligence, de-bugging, Technical Security, wiretap detection, Spy Hunting and other de-bugging services and Countermeasures .

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is what we can help with. Locate Bugging devices today…Our telecommunications security line sweeps and Wiretap Detection Sweeps will eliminate telephone line bugs, phone wiretaps, computer data line taps and other types of illegal Spy bugs and spying products.


We may bug sweep your conference rooms or perform a home bug sweep using hitech electronic room bug sweeping equipment and bug detectors. Call us for free information and advise regarding sweeps for bugs, detecting bugs, audio listening devices, mobile phone spy software (used commonly on Android, Iphone, Blackberry and other smart phones), wiretaps, Microwave Detection, maintaining secure telephone lines, Telephone instrument debugging and sweeping, Securing Data Communications lines including T1 and phone taps.

In addition, Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures can assist with ; Bug sweeping rooms for transmitters in executive areas, Securing conference rooms from surveillance devices, Sweep for transmitters, 24-hour phone bug monitors, phone speech scramblers, voice scrambler, phone bugs, and other surveillance bugging devices. Our TSCM services are totally confidential…

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